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Siding is what protects your home from the elements. It also plays a key role in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer when installed correctly.


When our team installs siding on a home, we always do it with your family in mind. We install an air barrier system made made up of rigid foam insulation around the exterior of your home. Then we ensure all seams between the foam boards are properly sealed, so no air gets in and no air gets out except through proper ventilation channels. This increases the value of your home, decreases your monthly energy bills and creates a layer that moisture can’t get through, keeping your home dry and mold free. The siding of your choosing is then installed overtop of the foam insulation making your home’s exterior look flawless.



Atlantic Windows makes extremely high-quality windows and doors, which is why we offer only their products.

Whether it’s summer sunlight streaming in, hurricane rains pounding against the glass, or the gale of a winter storm, Atlantic windows and doors stand up to any weather that passes through Atlantic Canada. In frigid temperatures and blinding blizzards, you can count on Atlantic windows professionally installed by Alstar.

All Atlantic Windows products have been CSA-tested—and tested against the extreme weather conditions of Atlantic Canada.

When Alstar installs windows or doors in a home, we make sure that each one is perfectly mounted and sealed to prevent air loss within the home.

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