Spray Foam


Spray Foam insulation is used to insulate walls, basements, crawlspaces and overhangs. When sprayed, the foam expands to fill all the little gaps in your home’s structure. Little leaks can add up to big energy costs, and Icynene’s Spray Foam is able to fill in those small air leak areas as it expands, sealing your air in your home and reducing energy costs. This particular kind of insulation is applied by spraying two compounds together that react creating a foam that expands to fill every gap. This creates a barrier that helps to muffle sounds, repel moisture and prevents your warm air from escaping.


Icynene offers both open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation products. Closed-cell spray foam has one of the best R-Values of any insulation on the market, at 6.0 per inch when applied correctly. At the correct thickness it is accepted as a vapour barrier.

Open-cell spray foam although it has a lower R-Value at about 3.5 per inch, it is excellent at absorbing sound, helping to minimize noise between rooms. It is also a fantastic moisture barrier and if applied correctly will create an air seal that helps to minimize your monthly heating costs.

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